10 Easy Ways to Go Green at Home This Spring

Green BulbThinking of going green or stepping up your existing efforts this spring? We can help! We’ve got 10 easy ways for you to go green at home this spring:

  1. Cleaning: Make your own cleaning products at home from simple ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, lemon and soap. They’re a breeze to make and easy on the budget while improving your home’s air quality and protecting children and pets from harsh chemicals.
  2. Lighting: Switch to Energy Star-rated CFL bulbs which use 75% less energy and last 10 times longer than standard bulbs. Yes, they are more expensive, but they will save electricity and lower your annual electric bill. Also, consider installing dimmer switches in living, dining and sleeping areas.
  3. Appliances and electronics: Save on electricity by unplugging appliances that aren’t currently in use (e.g., toaster oven, blender, etc.) or use a “smart” power strip that cuts power when energy isn’t actually being used.
  4. Heating and cooling: Use a programmable thermostat and change the settings seasonally to maximize your comfort while minimizing power usage. For example, lower your thermostat when you go to bed at night or when you’ll be gone during the workday.
  5. Water: Use a low-flow showerhead to save water and energy, or take shorter showers. Also, skip the bottled water which is expensive and produces a lot of waste.
  6. Commuting: You can reduce your gas usage by utilizing other options for your daily commute to and from work. Consider taking mass transit, carpooling with a co-worker, walking or biking if time and distance allow, or ask your boss if you can telecommute a few days a week. We know one couple where the wife takes the car Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and mass transit on Tuesdays and Thursdays. When she doesn’t have the car, hubby has it. Genius!
  7. Food: Reduce your meat intake by making meatless meals a few days a week, and consider buying fresh produce and dairy products from local farmers.
  8. Shopping: Remember to take your recyclable bags to the supermarket with you to cut back on plastic bag usage, and rather than buying books and movies, make use of your local library.
  9. Recycling: Consider composting food scraps rather than tossing them in the trash, and instead of putting unwanted electronics in the local landfill, recycle them after removing all personal information.
  10. Laundry: To reduce energy usage, wash loads in cold water whenever possible, and buy machine washable items rather than having items dry cleaned with harsh chemicals.

Thanks to American Home Warranty and Good Housekeeping for these great tips on adding more green to our daily routine!



Marti Reeder, Realtor, Managing Broker