7 Ways to Comfort Your Pets When Moving to a New Home

December 28, 2014  /  Moving  /  Marti Reeder

Moving pets can be extremely stressful for you and your furry friends. Here are some ways to comfort your animal when moving to a new space:

1.  petsMake sure you update your pet’s ID tag. Whether they escape during your move, or they get stressed out and want to return to the home they know, you want them to get back to the right place. Be sure this includes a current phone number and your pet’s name.

2.  Make sure cats, dogs and other pets are away from moving chaos. If you’re planning to move them at the last possible moment, make sure they’re in a room away from it all, with a sign saying “Pets Inside! Do not disturb!” They won’t feel as stressed, and it will make you less worried about having to keep tabs on them at all times.

3.  Prep your new home. Set out all of the familiar things your pet will want or need, such as food, water, their bed, and their litter box if you have a cat. This will help them ease into a new routine in the new house. Pets can often be confused in their new surroundings. Make sure you ensure that they know it’s okay.

4.  Make sure you know your new area. Look for dog parks, walking trails, and vaccinations your pet may need. Your new area may have different laws concerning pets, so read up on their pet requirements and allowances.

5.  Find a place for Fluffy and Fido to call their own. If you have a cat, make sure he has a spot he can climb on or a new favorite window for him to look out. If you have a dog, designate an area for toys or her new bed. Make sure she’s comfortable.

6.  Bigger spaces can be scary. If you’ve moved from an apartment to your first house, bigger spaces can mean bigger adventures, but it could also overwhelm pets. If your puppy is new to stairs, maybe tackle one floor at a time.

7.  Pet proof your house before you take them to the new place. Look for potential dangers, like screens that aren’t secure, places your pets could get stuck, or adding a cat or dog door if necessary.

By taking a little extra care before and during your move, your pets are sure to adapt to and love your new home as much as you do!


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