9 Tips for Selling Your Home This Winter

winterWinter isn’t necessarily a good time to sell a home, but it can be done successfully. There is less competition, but there are also fewer people looking for homes. Here are some 7 tips and tricks to get your house off the market faster this winter.

  1. Shovel and salt often. When the snow and ice inevitably hits the Kent area, make sure to shovel and salt as often as necessary. No one wants to trek through the snow when looking at a home, and it helps to make your house look well maintained. If you’re not currently living in the house, hire a service to salt and shovel the driveway for you.
  2. Maximize light. Light is important this time of year, especially since the days are shorter. Open the shades and curtains as wide as you can. Make sure lighting fixtures are clean, and use bulbs on the highest wattage they can handle. For evening showings, make sure all of your exterior lights are lit, so there aren’t any dark spots on your porch or the yard. If you aren’t going to be home, put your evening lights on a timer so prospective buyers don’t find a dark home when they arrive for a tour.
  3. Create an inviting entrance. When we talk about curb appeal, we always mention the entrance way, because it is usually the first thing potential buyers notice. Make sure your porch is free of debris and that it creates a welcoming atmosphere.
  4. Stay tidy and clean. It can be tough to keep your home tidy during the holidays when everyone is so busy, but to sell your home, it is important that your home always looks clean and organized. If you don’t have time to dust, mop and vacuum, hire a housecleaning service to help. Also, be sure to do any seasonal cleaning and touch ups – windows, grout, etc. – before you put your house on the market.
  5. Make the home look comfortable. People want to be able to imagine themselves in your home. Add small touches like throw blankets and pillows in neutral colors, so potential buyers can see how cozy your home is. This can also add to a sense of warmth to your home.
  6. Emphasize conveniences. Point out ways your home is convenient in bad weather. For example, maybe your power lines are underground, so you rarely lose power, or perhaps you have lots of trees for winter firewood.
  7. Go easy on scents. While you want the house to seem inviting, you don’t want to load up the house in deodorizers and air fresheners. Many people are allergic or sensitive to fragrance. If you want to keep your home smelling fresh, try baking some cookies and leaving some out for buyers to snack on.
  8. Provide specific details about your home. Make note of repairs you’ve made to the house, point out stairs are steep or creak, and identify other quirks unique to your home. Some may require additional investment for a potential buyer, but others may be charming.
  9. Price your home right. Price is always important when selling your home, but pricing it right is especially important during the winter. Work with your Realtor® to price your home competitively in a range that is likely to attract suitable buyers.

For more tips on selling your home in the winter, consult a trusted Realtor® who is familiar with the local market. She can tell you how and when to well, making sure you get the best price for your home.


Marti Reeder, Realtor, Managing Broker