Add Style & Value to Your Home with 10 Easy Upgrades

I love these tips from American Home Shield10 Easy Upgrades to Add Style & Value to Your Home!

  1. Update hardware on cabinets and drawers –> Think Home Depot, Lowe’s or even Target
  2. Replace towels and rugs in the bathroom(s) –> Can you say SHOPPING?!!
  3. Add overhead lighting or wall sconces to brighten rooms
  4. Declutter small spaces and closets with DIY storage kits –> Tackle a cluttered closet on a rainy weekend.
  5. Wash or power wash the exterior of your home (especially windows)
  6. Add area rugs to throw in a hint of color
  7. Hang a mirror in small rooms to give the illusion of more space –> An easy, affordable upgrade
  8. A fresh coat of paint on walls and trim brighten any room
  9. Try a fresh new color on your front door for character
  10. Mow and mulch your lawn even in the cooler months –> Now is a good time to do this!


Marti Reeder, Realtor, Managing Broker