As a homebuyer, why do I need a Realtor?

February 2, 2011  /  Home Buying  /  Marti Reeder

With sites like Redfin offering rebates, many homebuyers can do a lot of their research into listings, neighborhoods and the real estate and lending markets online. Why then would they need a Realtor? While such services may save consumers money “up front”, they may be doing so at their own peril. What does a Realtor offer that an online service can’t? Plenty!

First of all, a homebuyer does not pay a dime for a personal Buyer’s Agent like me. I come with good referrals, recognition for my efforts and a track record for helping my clients find the right home and negotiating terms in their best interests. No matter which company is listing a particular home, I can show a prospective buyer EVERY home that is listed. I can help them search for homes on my website, the MLS site and make other contacts until we find the right home. That’s just the beginning.

Once the homebuyer chooses a home, there is background research to be done, drafting of the offer, negotiating with the seller, the inspection phase, more negotiation, working with the lender and more. What a Full Service Realtor like me brings to the table is a team of partners who works in the buyer’s best interests ALWAYS.

Finally, since my main buyer-theme is, “I don’t sell houses – they sell themselves,” you won’t get a hard sell from me! Since I’m a full-service, full-time Broker, I keep busy and therefore, you won’t get a hard sell from me!

Still not sure if you need a Realtor or if an online service might do? Please contact me for a free no obligation consultation. I’m a full-time, full-service Realtor ready to serve you!

Working for you,

Marti Reeder

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