Caring for your home’s exterior

October 8, 2014  /  Home Care & Maintenance  /  Marti Reeder

indexWhether you are planning to put your home on the market, or just want to maintain your house, caring for your home’s exterior is important. Here are six tips from American Home Shield on ways to keep the outside of your home in tip top shape. With these tips, your home can look its best while being safer and more efficient:

Clean the dryer vent: A clogged dryer vent is dangerous. It can cause a fire hazard and make your dryer less efficient, driving up energy costs. You can vacuum the vent yourself if you suspect a clog, but hiring a professional with the right tools to clean it properly is a better option.

Inspect your deck: According to American Home Shield, your deck may only need a good pressure washing, but if you have loose boards, wood decay or other damage, you’ll want to make repairs. A handyman or carpenter can help identify problems and make more extensive repairs.

Clean out those gutters: Removing leaves and debris from your gutters and window wells is a must in the fall to keep them clear so rainwater can drain without obstruction when Seattle’s rainy season comes.

Eyeball your roof: Do a visual inspection of your roof from the ground (binoculars are great for this!) to find loose shingles or other damage. For safety reasons, contract with a roofer or other trained professional to do any repairs.

Seal those gaps: Look for gaps and cracks around windows and doors. Add caulking or weather stripping where needed. These simple fixes can make a big difference in terms of energy costs and your family’s comfort.

Fix the driveway: If you have holes or cracks in your driveway, patch or fill them if they are minor, or hire a professional for more extensive repairs.

To view the full article, visit American Home Shield online.


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