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Category: Renting vs. Buying

Category: Renting vs. Buying

The costs of being a landlord

October 3, 2014  /  Renting vs. Buying  /  Marti Reeder

If you are in the enviable position of owning a home as an investment property, renting that home to tenants could be a smart financial move for you – as long as you consider all of the costs involved. Here… Read more

Renting vs. buying, part 2

August 4, 2014  /  Home Buying  /  Marti Reeder

Last month we talked about renting versus buying. Because this is such an important topic, I want to bring it up again, but from a different angle. We are currently in a Landlord’s Market. Following a rash of short sales… Read more

Renting vs. buying

July 17, 2014  /  Finance  /  Marti Reeder

Turning the key in a lock that no landlord has access to, reading in a hammock in your own backyard, or painting your dining room bright red – what could be more exciting than making the leap from renter to… Read more

Rent vs. Buy Calculator

April 30, 2012  /  Home Ownership  /  Marti Reeder

Today there are different schools of thought on whether renting or owning a home is a better way to go. While renting has its advantages, the cost of renting is rising along with demand. This not only makes home ownership… Read more

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