Decorate for the Holidays in 10 Easy Steps

November 26, 2014  /  Entertaining  /  Marti Reeder

10 easy holiday decorating ideasA few weeks ago, we shared Thanksgiving decorating tips, but now we’re heading into the winter holidays. Here are 10 simple ways to decorate your home for the holidays.

  1. Place mini ornaments on a cake stand with the treat of your choice to add a festive touch to any holiday party!
  2. Drape holiday lights around your door or banister to add festive lighting to your home.
  3. Hang ornaments from your chandelier to add a whimsical touch.
  4. Tie jingling bells to your doorknob with a festive ribbon to let you know when someone’s home or that guests have arrived. This is fun to do at the base of a Christmas tree too. It will alert you when pets or little ones are under the tree when they shouldn’t be!
  5. Have a fall wreath left over that you want to spruce up? Spray with glitter paint in holiday metallics. Don’t want to spring for a wintery paint to completely change your wreath? Tie or glue ornaments onto the wreath to help add a temporary festive touch.
  6. Ringing in the New Year? Tie different colored ribbons to stemmed glasses to help visitors keep track of their glass and to add a small but colorful touch to your holiday party.
  7. Put small presents in clear ornaments on your tree to give your little ones something extra to find on Christmas morning.
  8. Tie ornaments to ribbons and attach them to your banister, or works around ribbon the posts and rail for a less breakable, kid-friendly option.
  9. Need an easier way to light up your tree? Try starting at the top and working in sections to prevent tangles in your holiday lights, and get an extra set of hands to help.
  10. Want to go for a more contemporary, chic look? Try using all metallic ornaments to create a focal point instead of all colored ornaments.
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