Happy Small Business Week!

It’s small business week!

We thought we’d start off the celebration by focusing on a small business that’s close to our heart … ours!

Team Marti started off with Marti jumping in as a newly licensed real estate broker in October 2004. Feeling she couldn’t properly represent anyone on such an enormous sale until she was fully educated, she didn’t do her first transaction until six months later. And that was an $85,000 condo. The owner told her “I can’t afford to sell for a dime less”. And a few days later, the caller said, “I’d like to buy this condo but I can’t afford a dime more.” And she had her first two deals!

Quickly learning real estate transactions are not always so simple, through bumps & bruises however, Marti began to learn the ropes. “I’m the tortoise in the story of ‘The Tortoise And The Hare’. I started slow, plodded along, took more classes, didn’t give up, and cut my teeth on the ins & outs of the business. In the end, I’ve done pretty good despite the slow pace” Marti says.

Though Merle got his real estate license in 2012, he didn’t jump in full time until he retired from the construction industry in May 2021. Merle says “It’s been two years since I’ve joined Team Marti and I’m having so much fun! It’s great to combine my 50 years of construction experience with new knowledge of the real estate transaction and the market. I’m learning so much and as Marti’s right-hand man (literally), I think we’re a formidable team.”

The real estate market is in flux right now. 2022 was the big market change year and 2023 is the transition year, but a few things remain true: interest rates are expected to come down, and there is not enough listing inventory to meet buyer demand. At Team Marti, we’re gearing up for the next cycle by improving our systems and refining our skills. We’re ready and can’t wait to help you in all your real estate endeavors! Consider scheduling a phone chat or in person visit here. 

Marti Reeder, Realtor, Managing Broker