Home Care Tip #7: Caring For Your Dishwasher

Like most appliances, the dishwasher is one of those handy devices that we take for granted…until something happens to it! Here are some great Home Maintenance Tips from Old Republic Home Protection on how to make sure your dishwasher is well cared for, so it’s there when you need it!

  1. Most of the energy used by a dishwasher is to heat water. Check the appliance’s Energy Guide label to see the estimated annual power needed to run it and to heat the water. Look for the Energy Star label to find a dishwasher that uses less water and 41% less energy than required by federal standards.
  2. Check your dishwasher manual for the recommended water temperature. You may be able to set your home’s water heater at a lower temp as a result.
  3. Rinsing, soaking and pre-washing dishes should be unnecessary, but DO scrape off large pieces of food and bones from dishes before loading them into the dishwasher.
  4. Make sure your dishwasher is full – but not overloaded – when you run it.
  5. Try not to use the “rinse & hold” cycle of your dishwasher for just a few dishes. This cycle can use 3 to 7 gallons of hot water each time!
  6. Let your dishes air dry, either by using the automatic switch or turning the dishwasher off after the final rinse and opening the door slightly.

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Marti Reeder, Realtor, Managing Broker