How Curb Appeal Can Make or Break Your House

5 reasons to sell your home nowWhat is a home’s curb appeal and why is it important? Curb appeal helps a buyer quickly determine whether or not they want to consider buying a home just by its outward appearance. Let’s look at how it can affect your house positively and negatively.

  1. Your home is welcoming to potential buyers. It can help influence someone’s decision to consider your home. Make it look inviting by adding flowers to the front yard, make sure the grass has been clipped recently and the yard is well groomed, and create an appealing entry way.
  2. Poor curb appeal can detract from an otherwise attractive home. If you have too much outdoor clutter, a poorly maintained exterior or an overgrown lawn, it can detract from the value of the home. You may have a great living space, but if the outside isn’t attractive, potential buyers may never see the inside of your home.
  3. A well-lit exterior can make a big difference. It may not make or break a house, but an exterior that is lit up at night can help draw in buyers. It may make them feel safer while providing attractive lighting.
  4. Think about your exterior paint color. While you might love your lemon yellow house, someone else might not. It’s not a deal breaker for most, but it can be for some. Use two paint colors maximum, or you might be turning away potential buyers.
  5. Keep your exterior simple. Park cars in the garage if space allows, and don’t overwhelm the eye with plants. These little things can turn off potential buyers.

For additional tips, talk to your REALTOR® about exterior staging to maximize your home’s curb appeal. Expert advice coupled with some TLC can go a long way to showing your home at its best.


Marti Reeder, Realtor, Managing Broker