Learn to Live Green with Green Home Advisor

As a dedicated Realtor®, my motto is “working for you.” I love it when my fellow Realtors® feel the same way. Here’s one way that the Seattle King County Association of Realtors® is working for us and our clients too…through its new Green Home Advisor website. This information-rich site contains practical ideas and links for creating energy smart homes. You can do an energy audit; scout out deals, rebates and incentives; learn more about energy smart homes; and get designing and remodeling tips.

Here are just a few tips you’ll find on Green Home Advisor:

  • Cut your energy bill in half by washing clothes with warm or cold water instead of hot.
  • Replace older toilets with newer models that are more efficient and use less water.
  • Plug electronics into a power strip, so you can easily “power off” when not in use, saving energy and reducing your electric bill.
  • Wood floors are beautiful, but they allow heat to escape. Add a layer of insulation underneath.
  • Use sustainable, recycled or salvaged materials when remodeling for cost savings and to reduce your environmental impact.

For more ideas, like this subscribe to my blog or visit Green Home Advisor online.

Working for you,

Marti Reeder
John L. Scott – Kent

Marti Reeder, Realtor, Managing Broker