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LocalScape: Get King County Property Values & More

August 12, 2015  /  Appraisal  /  Marti Reeder

5 ways to increase your home's value before sellingWonder what your King County, Washington property is worth? I can help. Well, actually, the King County Assessor’s Office can help. They’ve created this cool LocalScape website to tell you all kinds of useful things about King County, including:

  • Area overview including census data
  • Assessed property values by address or Parcel ID
  • Appraised values, including 10 years of media values
  • Recent sales, including highs, lows and averages
  • Area schools
  • Permit info.

This is a great tool if you want an update on the value of your own property, or if you are thinking of moving to King County and want to get additional information about home values, demographics (age, gender, language, etc.), schools, etc. Check it out, and if you have questions about real estate, of course, you know where to find me!

LocalScape: Get King County Property Values & More


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