Top 10 Design Trends in Northwest Homes

September 8, 2011  /  Design  /  Marti Reeder

In the September 2011 issue of Seattle magazine, the Northwest Home section offers the Top 10 Design Trends of the last decade. I just had to share this fun list!

1.  Open Floor Plan – Get rid of those walls in favor of a more open living space.

2.  Green – Adding “green” features to your home – solar panels, repurposed or recycled materials, etc. – reduces your carbon footprint while making your home uniquely you.

3.  Small Spaces – Make the most of small spaces by downsizing and living a simpler life.

4.  Urban Infill – Make the most of urban spaces by not squandering any land.

5.  Outdoor Living – Despite our frequently gloomy forecasts, we love bringing the outdoors in year-round with decks, patios, sun porches and more.

6.  Wall Coverings – It’s not your grandmother’s wallpaper! Anything goes.

7.  Live/Work Spaces – Our work and personal lives are often intertwined. Make the most by creating efficient but attractive spaces.

8.  Mid-Century Modern – We’re loving this style which mixes retro styles from the 1950s with today’s modern flair.

9.  Cottages – Cottage-style homes are a great way to feel at home, even in the big city.

10.  Movable Walls – Movable walls are a creative way to change your living space or create indoor/outdoor space with a minimum of effort!

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