Outdoor Safety: Keep Kids Safe This Summer

Well, another school year has ended and kids are home for the summer. That’s just one of many reasons to “child proof” your yard to protect little ones from harm. Here are some tips from Realtor.com for eliminating outdoor hazards:

  1. Keep tools, gardening equipment and lawn chemicals out of the reach of children. This includes everything from hammers and rakes to lawn mowers and fertilizer.
  2. Grilling out is a summer favorite, but grills are dangerous, even hours after the heat has diminished. Kids should always be supervised near grills and not allowed to touch them.
  3. Garage doors should be off-limits to kids. To avoid harmful injuries, be sure your garage door has a motion sensor and a safety mechanism installed that immediately opens the door if it detects resistance.
  4. We’ve all heard horror stories on the news of small children who have drowned in just inches of water or in wading pools. Supervise children at all times.

Thanks for helping keep our kids safe!

Marti Reeder, Realtor, Managing Broker