Review Contest

Review Contest

We Value Your Feedback and Want to Reward You For It!

At “Team Marti”, we want to be sure we took great care of your needs surrounding the real estate transaction we helped you with. We are hoping everything is what you expected and more. If it wasn’t, please send us an email at  and let us know, so we can try to make it right and make changes going forward.

If you were happy with our services, Marti would love a review on her Zillow page! Nowadays as we’re sure you’ve experienced, everyone wants to be able to Google someone to learn more about them. Your review on Zillow means a lot to us.
If you’re willing to copy & paste your Zillow review on to “Marti Reeder Realtor’s” Facebook page under REVIEWS, that would be a bonus!

Zillow link: HERE (You may have to create a free Zillow account if you don’t already have one.)

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For each spot  you provide an online review, you will be entered in to our annual drawing for a shopping spree – just in time for the Holidays! Marti gives away two $250 Target Gift Cards as a “thank you” for your time. Drawing to be held on November 30th … Just in time for festive decorations, buy that perfect gift or many smaller gifts.

*If you’ve already given us a review, THANK YOU! You’re automatically entered!
It was a pleasure working with you! Your business, online reviews & referrals mean so much to all of us at Team Marti!



Marti Reeder, Realtor, Managing Broker