Testimonial: “I needed a little hand holding…”

August 21, 2015  /  Home Ownership  /  Marti Reeder

5 ways to increase your home's value before selling“For several years I saw Marti’s name, in regards to real estate, in my local paper. I saw that she was the “Best of” for Realtors for a couple of years. I knew that, when I sold my home, she was going to be my Realtor. I was not disappointed.

“I told Marti why I was selling and why it was so important for me to do so. I was confident, upon that first meeting, that my house sale would go well. Marti and her team are incredible. Everything that she said was going to happen did and in a timely manner! My house sold within days of going on the market. Even when I needed a little hand holding through the process Marti was there, which made me even more confident that I had made the right decision in choosing her as my Realtor.”

~ Dina P., Kent, WA

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