Testimonial: Marti earned her commission!

April 28, 2016  /  Home Selling  /  Marti Reeder

Marti Testimonial August 2015

“I recently sold an investment property/rental with Marti Reeder as our seller’s agent.

I found Marti through researching agents on Zillow. I interviewed two other agents as well, including the agent that helped me purchase the property 6 years ago. Marti impressed me so much that I had no problem signing listing papers with her the next day.

Communication was a top priority for me, as I was selling from half way across the country. She is quick to respond and to the point, whether it’s via phone or email. Anytime I had any concerns, I knew I could send her a text or email and she’d get back to me quickly.

My house needed some repairs and updates to make it turnkey, and Marti was very insightful as to what would and wouldn’t pay for itself in the sale. She also gave recommendations for a contractor and landscaper, both of which I used and was satisfied with.

Once there was a signed purchase agreement, her team handled almost everything, with minimal work from me. I signed the documents on my end from my home halfway across the country, and the money was in my bank account the day after we closed. A truly painless transaction.

Marti is one of the only agents I have worked with that made me feel like she actually earned her commission. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Read this testimonial and others on Zillow.

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