5 Ways to Make Your Home Stand Out in the Spring Selling Season

tulips-141399_960_720Spring and summer tend to be the hottest times to buy and sell homes. Selling homes can be tricky when there are so many on the market. Here are 5 ways to make your home stand out in the spring selling season.

  1. Curb appeal, curb appeal, curb appeal. Buyers can decide what they think of a home in 60 seconds by just looking at the home’s exterior. Make sure you have your lawn trimmed, paint fixed, and the outside of your home is simple, neat and clean. Add a pop of color by planting spring blooms near the entrance. Tulips and daffodils are lovely this time of year!While landscaping is important, don’t overwhelm a potential buyer by making them think of all the work they’re going to have to do to maintain your lovely landscaping. For more tips on curb appeal, read our previous post.
  2. Spring cleaning. While we all want a clean, organized home, it’s particularly critical when you’re trying to sell a home. The messier a home is, the less you’re going to impress buyers. Rent a carpet cleaner for the weekend, wax your hardwood floors, clean your windows, and wipe down your walls with soap and water or a mild cleanser.
  3. Get a home inspection before the buyers do. Zillow notes how important it is to know about your home’s condition before you try to sell it. It’s easier to know about problems and address them beforehand, so you can adjust your home’s price accordingly, or ideally, fix them before you put your home on the market. You don’t want buyers to find something wrong with the house before the deal is sealed.
  4. Price it right. Land Title Guarantee Company tells us how important it is to look for pricing around your area, and see if you’re pricing accordingly. Find out what upgrades or features are being added to homes around you, and see if you want to upgrade something before you try to sell. An experienced Realtor® will help too by providing you with nearby “comps” to help you price your home right.
  5. Know the benefits of selling during the peak season. Realtor.com says that sellers will benefit the most from demand, and there are often more buyers between April and June than any other season. This will help benefit you, due to bidding wars, and potentially higher prices. You may also benefit from a quicker closing during the springtime.
Marti Reeder, Realtor, Managing Broker