6 Ways to Depersonalize Your Home So Buyers Can Make It Their Own

6 ways to depersonalize your home so buyers can make it their ownYou’re getting ready to sell your house, and you want buyers to be able to visualize themselves in your home. As hard as it can be to let go of what makes your home yours, depersonalizing it is crucial for a successful home sale. Seeing less of your personality can help prospective home buyers to see themselves living there. Here are some easy ways to depersonalize your home.

  1. Put away family photos, diplomas, certificates, etc. Store them carefully in their frames, so the photos and other keepsakes don’t get damaged in the move. Exceptions: photos of the interior or exterior of your home that show other views or seasonal features like blooming gardens, flowering trees, your home during the holidays, etc.
  2. Strive to make your home neutral. While your daughter may love having a bright pink room, it might deter prospective buyers who don’t have children or who don’t want the added work of repainting before the home can be move-in ready. Consider repainting your daughter’s room and other boldly-colored rooms a neutral shade and add neutral decorations (e.g., candles, decorative lighting, etc.) to add character and depth to your home without being overly personal This may attract more serious buyers.
  3. Pack away and store things you don’t need out for a while, particularly seasonal items and sports or exercise equipment you aren’t likely to need or want before your proposed move-out date. Remove extra throw blankets, pillows, books, or even electronics that are just taking up space and adding clutter.
  4. Store collections that can detract attention from the home – figurines, models, antiques, crafts, etc. Keep your collections safe in a storage unit, and keep the focus on your home rather than the things in it.
  5. Depersonalize your bathroom. Remove cosmetics, toiletries, etc. and keep the décor, towels, rugs, shower curtain, etc. simple. Be sure to always keep the bathrooms clean, so you aren’t caught off guard if a Realtor® schedules a last minute showing.
  6. Remove anything that is potentially offensive, including artwork, political memorabilia, hunting trophies, etc. You may love your Richard Nixon and beer can collections, but others may not.

For additional suggestions, consult with a local Realtor® with expertise in successfully selling homes. She will have specific recommendations for your home, and may be able to refer you to a staging company. By depersonalizing your home and staging it the right way, you are more likely to get top dollar for your home. Good luck!




Marti Reeder, Realtor, Managing Broker