Fight Cabin Fever with These 5 Winter Home Decorating Tips

Fight Cabin Fever with These 5 Winter Home Decorating TipsAre you getting tired of the cold, dreary days of winter? Me too! Brighten up your home – and your outlook – with these fun winter decorating tips for your home:

  1. Add unexpected pops of color around your home: throw pillows, fresh flowers, rugs, curtains, furniture covers, lampshades, etc. If you’re really feeling bold, paint an accent wall. These are easy, affordable and fun ways to move away from dull and drab winter interiors.
  1. Let there be light. Though the days are gradually getting longer, we won’t notice an appreciable difference ‘til late February or early March. Lighten up your home with candles in the evening, and brighter lights to make your home cozier and less dreary. Strategically placed mirrors can also bring additional light indoors.
  1. Dress it up. Switch out your old, reliable (and dare I say boring?) window treatments and replace them with something bolder and brighter. In your kitchen, for example, instead of mini-blinds or top-to-bottom curtains, try café curtains in black and white check, or replace a solid-colored valance with a bold print.
  1. Mix and match fabrics to add luxurious textures to your bedroom. Add decorative accent pillows to your bed in rich fabrics like velvet, lace or silk Damask print, and finish off with a handmade wool throw at the foot of the bed, and a sheepskin or faux fur rug on the floor.
  1. Create a cozy nook for reading and relaxing, complete with lush pillows and warm blankets in an inviting spot near the fireplace. No fireplace? Hang clear white holiday lights in the corner of your living room or bedroom, and add winter white, silver and gold candles in an arrangement on a nearby table.

These five winter home decorating tips will help you fight that cabin fever until the groundhog gives us the all clear. Until then, stay toasty warm!

P.S. – A lot of stores have White Sales in January, so be on the look out for bargains this time of year!



Marti Reeder, Realtor, Managing Broker