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Testimonial: Honest, upfront, compassionate, accommodating

January 21, 2016  /  Home Ownership  /  Marti Reeder

Marti Reeder, John L. Scott, Kent-Covington“Marti helped us prepare and sell our mother’s house after her passing. She was compassionate and accommodating. She is honest and upfront. There are no questions when she is done taking care of an issue. I find that her knowledge of Kent and surrounding areas is by far the best.

She has your best interest at heart and is willing to help you accomplish all the tasks that you need to do. She has great references for companies that we needed to handle all the issues we came across after the building/house inspection.

Her assistants that I got to deal with were equally accommodating and helpful. She has put together a great team! I definitely will use her services when I am ready to sell my home. In summary….she ROCKS!”

~ TammyMcQ,

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