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The Market is Hot, Hot, Hot!

March 19, 2013  /  Economy  /  Marti Reeder

If you subscribe to my newsletter, read my blog or follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you Marti_Twitterknow that I’ve been saying this a lot lately. The Seattle real estate market is hot, hot, hot! After a long lull, the housing market is recovering and home buyers and sellers are taking advantage of the changes.

For home buyers:

Interest rates are incredibly low right now, so buying a home is more affordable than it has been in years. Rates are gradually rising, so it is important for home buyers to get pre-qualified and start home shopping NOW! Need a recommendation for a reputable lender? I can help.

For home sellers:

Home values are appreciating, so sellers are able to get better prices for their homes right now. In addition, the area is experiencing a period of low inventory; in other words, there are not a lot of homes for sale. That means that home sellers are receiving multiple offers on their homes and homes are selling more quickly. I had one recent sale where the home was listed and sold in TWO DAYS! I love it when that happens, don’t you?

So if you are thinking about buying or selling, this is the best time to do it. Don’t wait for the spring rush when everybody lists their homes. That will change the market for anybody. Or, if you aren’t sure you want to sell right now, give me a call at John L. Scott in Kent-Covington. I can go over the pros and cons of listing now versus later, and I can answer all of your questions.


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