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What To Do When Water Damages Your Home

August 29, 2011  /  Home Maintenance  /  Marti Reeder

With fall and winter rains in the offing, we need to prepare for potential flooding in and around our homes. Let’s say that your home floods and most of your household items have been saturated – furniture, clothes, rugs, papers, etc. If you can dry out those items within 48 hours, they may be salvageable. Here are some more tips to protect your valued possessions:

  1. Open windows, doors and drawers to allow fresh air to ventilate to water-soaked area.
  2. Rent or buy high-powered fans to circulate air throughout the damaged room(s).
  3. Use a wet-dry shop vac to soak up water from rugs and carpets.
  4. Haul larger items like furniture, carpets and rugs outside to dry in the sun.
  5. Freeze wet papers, books and photographs to prevent additional damage.

And, of course, call your homeowners insurance or flood insurance agent right away. Let them know what happened and when. For more tips like these visit, Hopefully, you’ll never need this info., but if you do, you’ll be prepared!


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