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Why Your Dining Room Chairs Are Important

November 5, 2012  /  Design  /  Marti Reeder

According to Hunter Douglas, your dining room chairs are the reason that guests linger over dinner. Why? Because they add to the experience, balancing style and function. Think about it – if your guests are comfortable and enjoy the environment, they are more likely to stay longer.

Here are some other tips from Hunter Douglas, offered via Pugerude’s in downtown Kent:

  1. Chairs should be comfortable, including being the right height and fitting your body just right.
  2. Quality chairs should not only look good, but they should be made to last.
  3. How your chairs fit around your dining room table makes a difference. Can people easily maneuver around the table? Can they sit down without being pushed against a wall or the buffet?
  4. Consider the practicality and “fit” of chairs with arms. Typically, chairs with arms should be placed on the ends of the table, where armless chairs should be around the sides of the table.
  5. Style is key – what styles do you like? How will the dining chairs coordinate with your table and other pieces in your home? Consider color, fabric, texture, finishes and more.

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