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Category: Home Care & Maintenance

Category: Home Care & Maintenance

Save Money at Home with These 10 DIY Home Hacks

March 14, 2016  /  Heating/Cooling  /  Marti Reeder

Everyone likes to save money, especially on expensive home-related projects. With these DIY home hacks, inspired by This Old House, you can save time, money and energy! Here are 10 of our favorite home hacks. Closing closet doors reduces the… Read more

5 Ways to Make Your Home Stand Out in the Spring Selling Season

February 29, 2016  /  Home Selling  /  Marti Reeder

Spring and summer tend to be the hottest times to buy and sell homes. Selling homes can be tricky when there are so many on the market. Here are 5 ways to make your home stand out in the spring… Read more

10 Easy Ways to Go Green at Home This Spring

February 16, 2016  /  Green Living  /  Marti Reeder

Thinking of going green or stepping up your existing efforts this spring? We can help! We’ve got 10 easy ways for you to go green at home this spring: Cleaning: Make your own cleaning products at home from simple ingredients… Read more

Homeowner’s Insurance vs. Home Warranty: What’s the Difference?

January 11, 2016  /  Heating/Cooling  /  Marti Reeder

Because your home is one of your most valuable investments, it is important to protect it. There are two primary ways to do that: homeowners’ insurance and home warranty. While both are important resources, they cover different things. Here are… Read more

Curb Appeal – 5 Tips to Make Your Home Look Its Best This Fall

October 12, 2015  /  Home Care & Maintenance  /  Marti Reeder

Curb appeal is essential when  you are trying to sell your home. Here are some easy tips and tricks for boosting your home’s curb appeal, while keeping your home cozy and inviting this fall. Look at your exterior paint. Is… Read more

10 Easy Ways to Save Money and Energy at Home

September 8, 2015  /  Energy  /  Marti Reeder

Save money and energy at home with these 10 tips: Install ceiling fans (e.g., dining room, bedrooms, living areas, office, etc.) Ceiling fans are an attractive, affordable, low-energy way to keep air moving. This can save you from adjusting your… Read more

Mastering the Fall Home Sale: 6 Tips

August 17, 2015  /  Home Care & Maintenance  /  Marti Reeder

Autumn can be a tough time on the housing market with the popular summer market dying down, but it’s not hard to do once you master these tips. Know the advantages of selling in the fall. People like to look… Read more

Create a Backyard Sanctuary This Summer

June 1, 2015  /  Design  /  Marti Reeder

Our gorgeous, not-too-hot summers are one of the many reasons I love the Seattle area. Make this summer one of your favorites by transforming your backyard into an outdoor sanctuary. Here are some great tips from Better Homes & Gardens… Read more

5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Sale

March 30, 2015  /  Design  /  Marti Reeder

In a competitive real estate market like ours, properly preparing your home to be shown and sold is critical. By taking the extra time – and a little extra money – to freshen up or upgrade your home, you can… Read more

How Landscaping Can Make or Break Your Home’s Curb Appeal

March 23, 2015  /  Home Care & Maintenance  /  Marti Reeder

Did you know that landscaping can make or break your home’s attractiveness to prospective buyers? It not only contributes to your home’s curb appeal, but it shows prospective home buyers that you take pride in your home. That feeling extends… Read more

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