Category: Taxes

Category: Taxes

What Homeowners Can and Can’t Deduct on Their Federal Tax Return

January 16, 2017  /  Finance  /  Marti Reeder

One of the many advantages to being a homeowner is the ability to deduct certain home-related expenses from your federal taxes. Here are some tax deductions and credits you’ll want to be sure to take advantage of when you file… Read more

Homebuyers, Have You Saved Enough for Closing Costs?

January 2, 2017  /  Appraisal  /  Marti Reeder

Many homebuyers and home sellers believe they need at least a 20% down payment in order to buy a home or to move on to their next home. There are many loan programs where you can put down as little… Read more

Homebuyer FAQs: Mortgage and Closing Costs

July 11, 2016  /  Closing Costs  /  Marti Reeder

What You Need to Know about Mortgage & Closing Costs Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned homeowner ready for your next home, it is important to understand mortgage and closing costs. Here are some frequently asked questions… Read more

6 Homeowner Tax Credits and Deductions to Use in 2015

December 14, 2015  /  Finance  /  Marti Reeder

There are many advantages to owning a home versus renting one. One of the most significant reasons is the tax savings owning a home provides. As the year comes to a close, here are some tax savings eligible homeowners can… Read more

What’s in a Mortgage Payment?

June 22, 2015  /  Budgeting  /  Marti Reeder

If you are a first-time homebuyer, the prospect of buying a home is an exciting one. You are finally ready to say good-bye to your landlord and to have your monthly payment go to something you can call your own…. Read more

Home Buyers: 10 Common Closing Costs

May 26, 2015  /  Closing Costs  /  Marti Reeder

When you’re planning to buy a home, you’ve already saved your down payment and maybe some money toward closing costs, but there are many costs that homebuyers don’t necessarily plan for, especially first-time homebuyers. Here are 10 common closing costs… Read more

10 Steps to Buying Your Dream Home

April 19, 2015  /  Closing Costs  /  Marti Reeder

Are you ready to upgrade your starter home to one that will house your growing family? Or maybe you’re ready to buy the home of your dreams, complete with a master suite, 3-car garage, gazebo and hot tub? offers… Read more

Owning a Home Can Save You at Tax Time

April 3, 2015  /  Home Ownership  /  Marti Reeder

I have good news and bad news. The bad news – April 15, tax time, is just around the corner. The good news – owning your own home can reduce your tax liability. Here are seven tax deductions that can… Read more

HouseLogic: 9 Easy Mistakes Homeowners Make on Their Taxes

January 31, 2013  /  Finance  /  Marti Reeder

No one likes paying taxes. What’s even worse though is being audited by the IRS. A good way to avoid an audit is to be sure you understand home-related tax deductions and credits. Here are 9 common mistakes homeowners make,… Read more

Knowing Your Home’s Value

April 20, 2012  /  Home Improvement  /  Marti Reeder

Here’s a great article from loan officer Susan Lipston on Knowing Your Home’s Value. Read on for more info. on selling your home, refinancing your home, making home improvements and reassessing your taxes: Knowing Your Home’s Value Your home is… Read more


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