Category: Homeowners Insurance

Category: Homeowners Insurance

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Resale Home – Part 2

January 30, 2019  /  Home Buying  /  Marti Reeder

Recently we wrote a series of blog posts to help you figure out if a new home or a resale home is a better fit for you. We talked about: • The pros of new construction • The downsides of… Read more

How Much Homeowner’s Insurance Do I Need?

September 12, 2016  /  Appraisal  /  Marti Reeder

Homeowner’s insurance is insurance coverage that protects your home, its contents and other assets in the event of fire, theft, vandalism, accident, storm or other disaster. Homeowner’s insurance also covers liabilities if someone is hurt on your property. Some coverages… Read more

Homeowner’s Insurance vs. Home Warranty: What’s the Difference?

January 11, 2016  /  Heating/Cooling  /  Marti Reeder

Because your home is one of your most valuable investments, it is important to protect it. There are two primary ways to do that: homeowners’ insurance and home warranty. While both are important resources, they cover different things. Here are… Read more

7 Things You Need to Know about Homeowners Insurance

November 3, 2015  /  Home Ownership  /  Marti Reeder

You’ve bought your first house, and you are over the moon. It is your dream home, and you want to protect it. You need homeowner’s insurance. Here are 7 things you need to know about homeowner’s insurance before signing on… Read more

Homeowner’s insurance 101: what you need to know

October 26, 2014  /  Homeowners Insurance  /  Marti Reeder

Not only is insuring your home required by your lender, but protecting your most valuable asset with adequate insurance coverage is a smart money move. Here’s what you need to know when shopping for homeowner’s insurance: Interior & exterior home… Read more

Are you ready to buy a home?

July 11, 2014  /  Finance  /  Marti Reeder

Are you ready to buy a home? While some purchases are impulse buys, buying a home is not only much more expensive, it is also a complex purchase because it is financial as well as emotional. There are many factors… Read more

Older Home? Consider the Benefits of a Home Warranty.

January 5, 2012  /  Budgeting  /  Marti Reeder

Worry less. Live more with a home protection plan, a service contract which covers the repair or replacement of many home system components that break down over time.  American Home Shield has over 40 years experience caring for their customers. … Read more

What To Do When Water Damages Your Home

August 29, 2011  /  Home Maintenance  /  Marti Reeder

With fall and winter rains in the offing, we need to prepare for potential flooding in and around our homes. Let’s say that your home floods and most of your household items have been saturated – furniture, clothes, rugs, papers,… Read more

Homeowners are Reducing Insurance to Save $$$: A Dangerous Trend

May 18, 2011  /  Homeowners Insurance  /  Marti Reeder

In this week’s issue of the Puget Sound Business Journal, staff writer Kelly Gilblom explains a growing trend in Washington – some homeowners are reducing their homeowners’ insurance to save money on their premiums. While this may seem like a… Read more


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