Category: Energy

Category: Energy


May 13, 2020  /  Design  /  Marti Reeder

In past years there’s been a real movement toward “open concept” living. Historically, homes were built with rooms being specified for particular purposes, and there wasn’t much crossover. Kitchens were for cooking, not entertaining and gathering. Dining rooms were for… Read more

6 Ways to Save Money While Staying Warm This Winter

December 26, 2017  /  Energy  /  Marti Reeder

It was so nice to have a white Christmas for the first time in many years. However, along with snow comes cold temps. If your home isn’t properly winterized, that can mean big heating bills. Here are six ways to… Read more

10 Tips to Save Water, Energy and Money at Home

January 30, 2017  /  Energy  /  Marti Reeder

After the holidays, and as we start the new year, many of us are looking for ways to save money. Here some ways you can do that by also saving energy and water. Cover your water heater. Water heaters have… Read more

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist: Interior and Exterior

October 24, 2016  /  Energy  /  Marti Reeder

Make sure your home is ready for fall weather with this handy fall home maintenance checklist: Home Interior Fall Maintenance Tips Replace furnace filters and have your furnace and fireplace serviced before you need them. Do a fall safety check… Read more

10 Easy Ways to Save Money and Energy at Home

September 8, 2015  /  Energy  /  Marti Reeder

Save money and energy at home with these 10 tips: Install ceiling fans (e.g., dining room, bedrooms, living areas, office, etc.) Ceiling fans are an attractive, affordable, low-energy way to keep air moving. This can save you from adjusting your… Read more

Tech Tools Make Your Home Smarter, Safer and More Efficient

April 10, 2015  /  Energy  /  Marti Reeder

Last fall we wrote a post about some of the fun ways the Internet of Things (IoT) can make your home more efficient and, well, intelligent. Here are some more ways your home can make your life a little easier,… Read more

4 Ways to Lower Your Winter Electric Bill

December 2, 2014  /  Energy  /  Marti Reeder

The temperature is dropping, so your thermostat is rising. That means your energy bill could also be rising. Here are some tips to stay cozy while keeping a little extra money in your pocket! 1.  Keep your house cooler while… Read more

10 ways to save energy at home this fall

October 20, 2014  /  Energy  /  Marti Reeder

As the temperatures drop this fall, energy and water bills are likely to go up. Here are some ways to save energy at home to offset those higher bills. Install a programmable thermostat to automatically lower the heat at night… Read more

Home Care Tip #18: Check Your Furnace Filter

September 16, 2013  /  Energy  /  Marti Reeder

Seattle Furnace reminds us that dirty filters are the #1 cause of damage to your furnace. Be sure to check your filter to insure it is clean before turning on your furnace for the winter. Through October, Seattle Furnace is running a General… Read more

Home Care Tip #16: Heating Repair & Maintenance

February 21, 2013  /  Energy  /  Marti Reeder

Whether we are in the middle of winter or experiencing a cool spring, it is important to be sure that your home’s heating system is functioning at an optimal level. This not only keeps your family warm and comfortable, but… Read more


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