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Category: Newsletter

Category: Newsletter

5 Quick Ways to Stay Cool

July 17, 2012  /  Heating/Cooling  /  Marti Reeder

In case you missed by July newsletter, here are 5 quick ways to stay cool this summer. Use fans and ceiling fans in combination with your air conditioner. Cover south-facing windows by closing blinds and curtains. “Cool roofs” will keep… Read more

Congrats, Kathy Spellman!

April 6, 2012  /  Community  /  Marti Reeder

Congratulations to Kathy Spellman, the winner of a Kent Station gift card, compliments of Marti Reeder! Kathy responded to my March 2012 newsletter “contest” asking readers to reply to me with their favorite tidbit from my email newsletter. She liked… Read more

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